• AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Start-Stop Technology Battery
  • 70Ah
  • 760CCA
  • H 190mm x L 278mm x W 175mm
  • Maintenance Free
  • 3 Year Warranty
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  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Start-Stop Technology – Absorbed Glass Mat is manufactured specifically for Micro-Hybrid vehicles fitted with the Start-Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration and other technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption
  • OE Equivalent – Original Quality Spare Part Produced on the same production lines that make batteries for Original Equipment, using the same technology, manpower, equipment, controls and quality inspections approved by the car manufacturers to whom they
  • 5-8% CO2 & Fuel Saving – With enhanced technologies to reduce the CO2 levels & to encourage fuel savings of 5-8%
  • Superior Cyclic Performance 360,000+ Start-Stop Cycles – Not only can these batteries cope with increased demand from fuel saving devices on the vehicle, they are also able to power a wider range of in car equipment when the engine is idle
  • For ALL Micro-Hybrid Start-Stop Vehicles – This battery is suitable for ALL vehicles with the Micro Hybrid Start-Stop Feature
  • Required for Brake Energy Regeneration (BER) systems – For every vehicle that has the Brake Energy Regeneration designed to help reduce fuel consumption, they must be fitted with an AGM battery
  • WARNING – REPLACE AGM WITH AGM TECHNOLOGY ONLY – You must replace an AGM battery with another AGM battery only