Ring RIL3900HP MAGflex Pivot Slim LED Lamp


  • Slim LED inspection lamp
  • 6mm thick to illuminate the smallest of spaces
  • Multi axis rotation and tilt for full angle illumination
  • Bright 400 lumen light output
  • 6000K colour temperature
  • Multiple magnets and hanging hook for hands free working
  • High power LED torch function for a focused light
  • 3 hour operating time
  • Dimmer on/off switch to adjust light to give optimal illumination
  • LED charge indicator, to give clear view of remaining battery life
  • Dedicated torch button for optimum control of illumination
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD – 233 x 29 x 43
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LED inspection lamp with slim lamp, to illuminate the most inaccessible of spaces. The MAGflex Pivot combines a slim design with multi axis rotation and tilt, meaning light can be directed exactly where required. Includes two magnets and hanging hook for hands-free use.

Pocket-sized and lightweight, it is ideal for the workshop. At just 6mm deep, it gets light where you need it.

This LED inspection lamp emits up to 400 lumens. Has a 6000K white light for comfortable working conditions.

Ideal for broad illumination as well as lighting up narrow gaps. Easily control the light level using the scrolling on/off dial. Features a high powered torch for concentrated beam.

Rechargeable and cordless, with Li-ion battery for consistent light output. The lamp has a 3 hour maximum power operating time, with four hour recharge time. Charging cable included.