Napa Silicone Lubricant 500ml


  • Lubricates, waterproofs, helps reduce cracking of plastic and rubber parts and eliminates window squeaks & sticking
  • Safe to use on wood, glass, fabrics, metals, most plastics, rubbers, and hard impervious surfaces making them water, dirt & stain resistant
  • Non-staining, colourless, multi-purpose lubricant with high silicone content and ideal for use in wet environments
  • High temperature resistance (from -40° to +200°)
  • Aerosol application can be used at any angle (360°)
  • High-quality multi-purpose spray for long term lubrication
  • Soluble in solvents, insoluble in water
  • Waterproof formula stops squeaks without leaving residue
  • High water-resistant lubricant
  • Flash point is over 250°C and pour point is below -45°C
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