NEBO Slim+ 700 Lumen Powerbank, Laser, Flashlight


The NEBO Slim+ is a thin, ergonomic rechargeable pocket light that outputs 700 lumens of intense bright light from a white COB LED, and also features a EU certified class 2 red laser pointer light in the top of the torch with momentary operation.

Unlike a traditional hand torch, the light does not come from end end of the torch and instead comes from the side of the torch. It can easily be used in the hand, or when attached to a pocket with the included clip the light is perfectly pointing outwards from the body so it can be used hands free. The clip also doubles as a hanging hook that is nestled in the side of the pocket clip and can be folded out to use, and if the clip is not required it can be removed from the torch by twisting it anticlockwise.

The Slim+ has a strong magnet on the base of the torch and on the clip on the back of the torch, which is perfect for work on the car or in a workshop or attaching to other magnetic surfaces.

The power button on the side of the Slim+ turns the torch on and off with each press as the torch has only one dimmable output. The torch will come on in the highest output as default, but while the light is on if you press and hold the button down it will gradually dim until it reaches the lowest output and it will flash to notify you of this. The memory recall will remember the last used brightness, so if you set it to a desired brightness level it will turn back on at that level.

The momentary red laser is useful for pointing to specific points, such as detail on buildings during a guided tour for example. It is activated by pressing and holding down the button, and once the button is released it will turn off again.

The Slim+ is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is recharged via the include micro USB cable. Reveal the charging port on the side of the torch by lifting the silicone dust cover and insert the micro USB end of the cable. Then plug the USB end into a computer, power bank or mains using a USB adaptor. A small charging indicator next to the charging port will turn red while charging is in progress and turn green once charging is complete, which takes approximately 5-6 hours.

The Slim+ also features a USB powerbank function to charge external devices which is useful in an emergency situation where you may not have access to charge a phone. Simple lift the dust cover on the top of the torch to reveal the standard USB port where you can plug in the USB lead of the device you wish to charge.

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