MP3877 12v 7 Way Bypass Relay


For standard and modulated wiring.

Key Features
  • For standard and modulated wiring
  • Helps reduce test-pulse chatter
  • 15A
  • Detailed instructions & wiring guide included
  • H 4cm x L 11cm x W 4.5cm
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A 7 way bypass relay is connected directly to the vehicles lighting circuits to control the lights on a trailer and caravan. The relays do not put any extra load onto the vehicles lighting system. The relays also feature a built in audible buzzer that monitors the trailer and caravan indicators. All bypass relays can be powered using either the battery or the fuse box.

  • Works on most vehicle types and most filament bulb and LED lamp combinations
  • Differentiates circuits on dual voltage tail/brake and tail/fog systems
  • Monitors indicators / flashers via the internal buzzer, which mutes under hazard warning conditions
  • Ancillary flasher/indicator monitor output to panel lamp or additional buzzer
  • Made in the UK