Neolux H7 150% Brighter Upgrade Bulbs


H7 (2 Pin) Performance Upgrade Bulbs, a direct Replacements for any H7 bulbs with up to 150% more light compared to a standard bulb.

  • Twin Bulb Pack
  • Up to 150% extra light
  • Longer light cone
  • Higher performance
  • More brightness
  • Good and reliable quality thanks to German technology

Product benefits

  • Better visibility
  • Remarkable illumination
  • Extra light enables drivers to see farther and thereby allows greater reaction time
  • Earlier recognition of risks, barriers, and signs
  • Affordable
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Key Features

  • Performance Upgrade, Twin Blister Pack
  • Up to 150% more light on the road compared to a standard bulb
  • Provides better reflections from road markings and signs
  • E marked for legal use on UK roads